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HiFiMAN HE-1000
Planar Magnetic Headphones Review
Touting a number of advancements in both magnet and driver design; the HE1000s are the best sounding headphones that I have ever had the pleasure of listening to.
Performance Studio
Designed for Flat Frequency Response.
The black Pro - High-Performance Studio Headphones by Beats by Dr. Dre are over-ear headphones designed to provide sound isolation and an even frequency response across the spectrum.
our new professional mastering headphone
our new professional mastering headphone featuring a fully open backed design. This design removes the lack of mid range clarity inherent in closed designs. Performers and mastering engineers generally prefer the open back varieties as the sound is far more accurate and removes the muddled and often “honky” sound.
Best Wireless HP
Sennheiser Momentum Wireless
Whether you’re out listening to your MP3 player or out at home with your high-end stereo, your headphone choice is critical.
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    • Diddy Beats High Performance 다양한상품들이 여러분을기다리고있습니다. 성공적인 쇼핑몰을 사업을 모노픽스와 함께하세요
    • B&O hit headphone 쇼핑몰 구매시 6단팝업 증정과 모바일구매시 10% 할인해드려요.언제든지 편하게 문의 주세요.


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  • Effects Of Overuse Of Headphones MP3 player, iPods, DJ headset, Mobiles and music players, most valuable gadgets come with headphone compatibility, these produce some fantastic music beats and rhythms there is no doubt in it absolutely but when it comes to usage we need to control ourselves. There are certain limitation, we need to put on ourselves, other we end up in losing the hearing capacity. The effects of listening continuously to music using headsets, these headsets can cause headaches, ear pains and some other troubles in your ears.In a recent study the analysis revealed that these sound systems can affect your personal life and social life along with health. These potentially harmful, they can cause permanent lost of hearing if you don’t use it properly. People who are in travel are major users of headsets, due longer listening periods the headset can cause pain, feeling inside their ears, which is due to the pressure they apply while inserting their ear buds. This can be painful after you remove the ear buds after a long period of listening to music. This can also cause headache, itching effect in your ears.
  • Sony MDR-XD150 Home Theater Headpho... The black MDR-XD150 Home Theater Headphones from Sony are designed for playing back music and movie audio in home theater environments. They feature 40mm drivers, and have a Sound Mode switch that allows you to optimize their performance based on the application. For comfort during use, the XD150s have an adjustable headband and urethane leather earpads.
  • Best Wireless Headphone Whether you’re out listening to your MP3 player or out at home with your high-end stereo, your headphone choice is critical. Here we’ve picked our five favorites across every style and category, but if you already know which type of headphones you want, use the links at the left to get more options. We review hundred of headphones so this is the place to look if you want to find the best headphones for you. It’s all covered – whether you’re looking for a set to replace the feeble white headphones packed with your iPhone or you’re looking for a pair that blocks out the noise of your morning commute.